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Platform Theatre Arts is a Youth Theatre that has accomplished a great deal in its first year, with three incredible performances in a variety of venues, including a community venue, a theatre, and an open air venue. 

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Here are some of our highlights!


Bah Humbug Revisited!, was our very first show and combined all our classes work into one final showcase of performances. Each show explored the classic Christmas Carol. 

Debuting in the Sanctuary space at Kings Road URC, it was the perfect setting for a festive evening of performances and mince pies! 

Company of Bah Hunbug
Cast of Fix It


Fix It was our Spring production which was performed in a theatre setting. 

An ensemble piece exploring the ideas of what makes us happy. 

This terms focus was on ensemble and mask work and all our classes performed together for the very first time. 

where's Alice?

Where's Alice? was our Summer production which was an outdoor immersive adventure. The Cheshire Cats and the White Rabbit took the audience through Wonderland to help them find clues to find Alice, discovering lots of other characters along the way. 


For most of our students, this was their first experience of performing in an outdoor performance and Steps Ahead at The Hive Nature Park was the perfect setting. 

Cast of Wheres Alice?
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